Managing BGP announcements when the external router is inactive

To ensure uninterrupted traffic through the MITIGATOR, it is usually necessary to remove the BGP announcements when connectivity with bordering routers is lost.\

By default, with the L3-router network deployment scheme, announcement via BGP can only occur if the bordering routers of the external and internal networks are allowed on MITIGATOR router_mac. In case of loss of connectivity with any of them, announcements are removed.

However, in some cases it is required to continue BGP announcements even if bordering routers fail, for which following should be specified in the docker-compose.yml file:

version: '2.2'

Here BACKEND_BGP_ROUTER_STATE is a flag to enable ignoring the state of network integration;
BACKEND_BGP_ROUTER_TIMEOUT is a time of constant availability of mac-addresses (seconds).

The value of the BACKEND_BGP_ROUTER_TIMEOUT variable is taken into account only if BACKEND_BGP_ROUTER_STATE: "false", as it is responsible for checking the stability of the connection with bordering routers.