Hybrid Deployment Schemes

deployment schemes can be combined when building a cluster.

Example: Failover Storage with Additional Filtering Nodes

With this implementation scheme, database copies are stored on different servers (replicated), but the number of database replicas is less than the number of MITIGATOR instances in the cluster. Some instances access remote databases via TCP ports: 8888, 2003, 3080, 5432. In this example, the graphite and acceslog subsystems are included as external modules.

For correct system operation all packet processors must have the same amount of system resources available.


  1. Setting up the instances on which the database is stored is performed according to the instructions for Internal fault-tolerant storage.

  2. Additional instances are then connected to the cluster. The setup process is the same, but step #4 setup should download docker-compose.worker.failover.yml file instead of docker-compose.failover.yml.

    wget https://docs.mitigator.ru/v22.06/dist/multi/docker-compose.worker.failover.yml

    and it should also be specified in the COMPOSE_FILE variable of the .env file:

  3. The external accesslog is added to the cluster..

  4. Graphite ported to a separate server.