Exporting metrics to Prometheus

The main metrics subsystem in MITIGATOR is Graphite in conjunction with Grafana. It is possible to export metrics to Prometheus via graphite_exporter.

To organize sending, you need to deploy and configure graphite_exporter
(the main configuration file and the configuration file for metrics matching), then configure sending metrics to graphite_exporter.

Brief sequence of actions:

  1. Writing a metric compliance configuration for specific needs.
  2. Deploying graphite_exporter with this configuration.
  3. Setting up data sending in the MITIGATOR system.

graphite_exporter metrics matching configuration

A list of metrics with a short description is available by link.

It is not guaranteed that metric names will not change between versions.

Configuration example:

- match: ^mitigator\.elements\.extInputCounter\.(.*)$
  name: extInputCounter
    unit: $1

- match: ^mitigator\.elements\.policy_(\d+)\.inputCounter\.(.*)$
  name: inputCounter
    policy: $1
    unit: $2

- match: ^mitigator\.ports\.((?:int|ext)\d+)\.opackets$
  name: opackets
    port: $1


In docker-compose.override.yml add:

version: "2.2"
      FWSTATS_GRAPHITE_ADDRESS: "carbon-clickhouse.mitigator:2003,some_server:9109"

Where some_server:9109 is the address and port of the graphite_exporter; the first value must be saved. You can specify multiple servers if you wish.

Apply parameters:

docker-compose up -d fwstats