The main task of the Collector is to accept and save flow from network devices.

To enable processing, it is necessary to pass the address of the network device sending the flow over the Collector API, as well as the sampling parameter and timeouts.

By default, the list of «address-sampling» pairs is empty, as a result of which the Collector does not process incoming flow. To process them, you need to add a list using the RESTful HTTP API provided in the Backend API documentation.

In the base case, requests should be sent to port 8000 (the collector backend API port). You can set or get values from the collector through the Swagger API. You need to go to the <collector_ip>:8000/docs address through the browser.

To receive data directly from the collector, port 50055 is used. The port value can be changed through the COLLECTOR_API_PORT variable. To receive requests, you must contact the MITIGATOR team.