MITIGATOR Documentation

Full documentation in the selected language is not ready yet. We are working on it at the moment. Thanks for understanding.

BIFIT MITIGATOR is a software complex providing protection against DDoS attacks.

Documentation for administrators and users of the product is collected here.

MITIGATOR is distributed in the form of Docker images stored on our server. To access them, please contact us.

Site Versions

Each major version of the product (v20.08, v20.12, etc.) has its own version of the site, which can be seen in the address bar: The latest stable version is offered by default. To download a file or read the documentation for an older version, you need to include that version in the address. For RC versions, the master is specified.

General Recommendations

By default, all commands listed on the site are executed from the /srv/mitigator working directory.

Docker Documentation.