Performance Optimization for AMD Platforms

BIOS Setup for AMD EPYC and Ryzen Threadripper Platforms

  1. Enabling the Extended APIC. AMD recommendation for server CPUs:

    Local APIC mode: x2APIC

  2. Maximum CPU performance mode:

    Determinism Control: Enable
    Determinism Slider: Power

  3. Disable power saving on the bus. Improves performance:

    APBDIS: 1
    Fixed SOC P-State: P0

  4. Priority mode of operation of the I/O PCI device. Significantly improves performance. Enabled for one network card by specifying the number of its PCI bus. If there are multiple cards, it is enabled for the one where performance is reduced:

    Preferred I/O: Manual
    Preferred I/O Bus: $pci_bus_num

  5. Enable 10-bit extended tag support for PCIe Gen 4 devices. Increases bus bandwidth:

    PCIe Ten Bit Tag Support: Enable