Version Selection

Current: v22.08-rc2

Minor Versions List

Major version number Last minor version
v22.08 v22.08-rc2
v22.06 v22.06.5
v22.04 v22.04.4
v22.02 v22.02.11
v21.12 v21.12.8
v21.10 v21.10.6
v21.06 v21.06.21
v21.04 v21.04.10
v20.12 v20.12.2
v20.08 v20.08.9
v20.06 v20.06.2
v20.02 v20.02.3

How to choose a version?

Evaluate the latest stable release

Options: latest or v22.02

latest means the last major version with all of the fixes.

The major version corresponds to the last minor within its framework, meaning if the latest version is v21.12.1, v21.12 is identical to it.

Hard commit version

Option: v22.02.0

For example, if you want to test a version in a test environment and then deploy the exact same version to production. Minor versions do not change. The first major version is denoted by zero, eg v22.02.0.