Virtual machine

The image is suitable for VirtualBox, VMWare ESXi 6.5 and above.

  1. Download OVA file.

  2. Import OVA:

    • VMWare ESXi: Virtual Machines → Create/Register VM → Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file
    • VirtualBox: File → Import Appliance
  3. Choose networks:

    • Management network — management network;
    • External network — external network with clients and attackers;
    • Internal network — internal network with protected resources.
  4. After the first launch and when updating (account: root:mitigator):

    • Only when updating:

      • change to working directory:
        cd /srv/mitigator
      • download the latest Compose file:
      • download base variable file:
        wget -O /srv/mitigator/.env
    • docker login

    • systemctl restart mitigator

    You can read more about the purpose of the files in the manual installation guide.

  5. After installation and launch configure the system for stable and secure operation.