Mitigator BPF API
Functions and types programs can use to filter packets.
Ip6Header Struct Reference

IPv6 header. More...

#include <mitigator_bpf.h>

Detailed Description

IPv6 header.

Access the header as follows:

struct Ip6Header* ip = packet_network_header(ctx);
void * packet_network_header(Context ctx)
Get packet network header, e.g. IPv4 header.
IPv6 header.
Definition: mitigator_bpf.h:312
This function is for advanced users. Prefer packet_flow() to get addresses. Prefer packet_transport_payload() to access payload and its length.
If you modify the fields of this header and return RESULT_PASS from the filter, call set_packet_mangled() to update checksums.
See also
packet_network_proto() to test if IPv6 header is present.

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