Mitigator BPF API
Functions and types programs can use to filter packets.
Flow Struct Reference

Packet flow information. More...

#include <mitigator_bpf.h>

Detailed Description

Packet flow information.

All fields are in network byte order, that is, port numbers must be swapped to check against values. For example, test if port is 1234 as follows:

struct Flow flow;
packet_flow(ctx, &flow);
if (flow.dst_port == bswap16(1234)) { ... }
LOCAL uint16_t bswap16(uint16_t value)
Change byte order of a 16-bit value.
Definition: mitigator_bpf.h:999
void packet_flow(Context ctx, struct Flow *info)
Get packet flow information, including source and destination.
Packet flow information.
Definition: mitigator_bpf.h:517

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